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Honor thy administrative professional

April 23, 2014


Today is Administrative Professionals Day in the United States. (Note to bosses: here are some last-minute gift ideas.) Even though this is not a national holiday, and some folks think it’s just another contrivance of the greeting card and florist cartels, it still doesn’t hurt to take some time today to thank the secretaries, administrative assistants and […]

Adventures in meme-jacking

April 2, 2014


Updated again on April 3 with links to Karine Joly’s and Brian Fanning’s roundups, and sample comments from the university’s news site. Updated April 2 with Storify archive of random tweets, posts, etc. in reaction to our April Fools’ Day shenanigans. Pulling pranks on April Fools’ Day can be a risky venture for higher ed […]

Of brochures and bike racks

March 26, 2014


A long time ago, during my days as a newspaper reporter, one evening I struck up a conversation with a city administrator who was bemoaning one of the challenges of his office. This conversation followed a city council meeting that had featured a spirited debate about the purchase of a new pickup truck for the public works department. […]

What is the ‘media’ of social media?

March 5, 2014


Sometimes we become so immersed in a thing that we can’t distance ourselves from it enough to think critically about it. Like air. It’s all around us, and unless something happens to disrupt its usual quality, we rarely give it much thought. And then sometimes we can’t think critically about a thing because we bring […]

What’s the frequency, Twitter?

February 25, 2014


I guess by now we’re all aware that with Twitter, the more frequently we post, the greater the opportunity that our posts will be seen and acted upon. But how much is too much? This is something I’ve thought about since Guy Kawasaki brought it to my attention back in 2009. (See my post, To […]


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