Can #highered move from hierarchical to networked?

JUN15_08_545754619_bFor many months now, I’ve been thinking a lot about the forces discussed in this great Harvard Business Review article about the need for organizations to shift from hierarchical to networked structures. And I’ve been wondering whether higher education, bound as it has been for centuries in a hierarchical structure, can make the shift to a networked one. Continue reading

Friday Five: Super Bowl pre-game edition

super-bowl-2016-1920-800x450As everybody knows, this Sunday is Super Bowl 50. It’s being touted as “the biggest Super Bowl the NFL has ever celebrated,” so it is a bigger deal than most of these events. It’s also the first Super Bowl in my memory that uses Arabic rather than Roman numerals, so that will make it more memorable for me because I will know with complete confidence exactly which Super Bowl it is. Continue reading

Review: ‘Works Well With Others,’ by Ross McCammon

WorksWellWithOthers-coverOne of the most helpful business books I’ve ever read (Throwing the Elephant: Zen and the Art of Managing Up) was written by a columnist for Esquire (Stanley Bing, who has since left that magazine to write for Fortune). So when I heard that another Esquire columnist (Ross McCammon) had written a business book, I was eager to give it a read. Continue reading

#ThrowbackThursday: Favorite #highered #marketing posts of 2015

thumb-422147_960_720I cranked out a fair amount of bloggage in 2015. Much of it was forgettable, but these five are among my favorites for the year.

Based on what the analytics tell me, you readers liked some of them, too. So I hope you enjoy revisiting them as we close the book on 2015.

Continue reading