Friday Five: #AMAHigherEd preview

ama-connected-2016The American Marketing Association holds its annual Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education next week. I’m looking forward to being a part of a panel discussion on building a research-based brand strategy with Brad Bohlander of North Carolina State University, Stephanie Judge-Cripe of Butler University and Jason Simon of SimpsonScarborough. I’m also looking forward to learning a lot from colleagues and experts in the field. Continue reading

11 years blogging + 11 things I once blogged about that don’t exist anymore

This blog goes to 11 (years). What else goes to 11? These.

This blog goes to 11 (years). What else goes to 11? These.

On this November day 11 years ago, I decided to start this blog. (Here’s the glorious first post). During the ensuing years, I’ve blogged about a lot of things related and tangential to higher ed, marketing, higher ed marketing, branding, PR, etc. I’ve also blogged about things that don’t exist anymore. Here are 11 of them. How many do you remember? Continue reading


Remember that post from a couple of days ago about what higher ed marketers and brand managers could learn from the way the then-presumptive president-elect, Hillary Clinton, ran her campaign? Scratch that. Turns out the guy whose article I shared had no idea what he was talking about. Full of hubris and arrogance, that guy. (Same as this guy, until this morning.) Continue reading