Friday Five: Study time edition

March 27, 2015


Did you read the recent news about a scientific study that has discovered there are too many scientific studies? (I swear: This is not something from The Onion. The story is legit.) According to this news report, there’s so much scientific knowledge being published in studies that scientists are becoming overwhelmed. This leads to a problem the […]

Can crowdfunding #SaveSweetBriar?

March 5, 2015


On the heels of Tuesday’s news that Sweet Briar College would close its doors at the end of this academic year due to what the school called “insurmountable financial challenges,” alumnae of the 114-year-old institution have launched a crowdfunding campaign to try to save the school. The crowdfunding campaign is looking for $20 million toward a goal […]

‘Snake Invasion': Gamifying a century-old #StPats tradition

March 2, 2015


Every March, some students at our university carry on a century-old tradition called “Snake Invasion,” in which the students pummel plastic snakes with decorative walking sticks called shillelaghs, then bit the heads off the serpents. It’s all part of a ritual to prepare the campus and community for the arrival of St. Patrick, the patron saint […]

Friday Five: Net neutrality edition

February 27, 2015


In case you missed it — or maybe you were too preoccupied with all of the silly llama drama to notice — the FCC approved net neutrality rules on Thursday. The rules classify Internet providers as public utilities, which means they will be subject to federal regulations as telephone companies are. “The Internet is simply too […]

Facebook: The next big place for brand videos?

February 24, 2015


According to a recent study by Socialbakers, video posts on Facebook now have the greatest reach of all types of posts. (And photos, once considered the best way to reach audiences on that social media platform, are eating video’s dust.) So if you’re already annoyed by the number of videos cropping up in your Facebook […]

Accidentally, unintentionally offline

February 16, 2015


Right about the time that I was reading Paul Jarvis’s excellent piece for TheNextWeb on the virtues of a social media sabbatical, and contemplating taking one of those myself, I had a sabbatical of sorts foisted upon me after I fractured my right elbow during a basketball game on Super Bowl Sunday. It wasn’t a social […]

A refreshing take on the work we do

January 30, 2015


Steve Virtue (@SteveVirtue) — who once upon a time worked in our world of higher education marketing — recently pointed me to a nicely done article about the PR business in higher ed. It’s a brief op-ed by Léo Charbonneau, the deputy editor of University Affairs, titled Spare a thought for university communications offices. It’s a refreshing look […]


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