The Guardian’s pick for hot websites in 2008

From The Guardian’s tech correspondent Bobbie Johnson: Facebook is so last year – welcome to the hit websites of 2008. Twitter makes the cut, as does Seesmic. But the one that I find most fascinating is Moshi Monsters, a social networking site for kids that allows the little monsters to adopt little monsters of their own.

As Johnson explains, quoting Mike Butcher, the editor of startup news website Techcrunch UK, “Moshi Monsters is ‘Tamagotchi meets Facebook for 7-12 year olds, but with education thrown in.’ … Players ‘adopt’ a monster by buying a small charm which gives them an access code to the website. They then pick their monster, and look after them by solving regular puzzles.”


The monsters kind of look like something straight out of the mind of Maurice Sendak. Maybe that’s why I want to adopt one.

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5 thoughts on “The Guardian’s pick for hot websites in 2008”

  1. Nice post. Facebook is very last year. So is MySpace. The Monsters look very cute and quite possibly could be the next big thing. Time will tell. It’s hard to gauge trends. The new year holds a lot of promise for entrepreneurs as well. Ever heard of James D. Brausch? His forum should be on the hot list for 2008 as well. His business advice is awesome. Check him out sometime. His business tips are a well kept secret. ;) Maybe he’ll make that list yet. Cheers!

    – Del Grady

  2. I just thought you might like to know that Moshi Monsters has now launched to the public! Although we still have a lot more to come, users can now adopt a pet Monster without an invite code. Hopefully the below press release will fill you in a bit more…

    Moshi Monsters launches and brings a virtual world of adoptable pet monsters to life

    Mind Candy, the award-winning creators of global Alternate Reality Game Perplex City, this week launched Moshi Monsters, their brand new virtual world for little kids and big kids alike. After 4 months in private beta, Moshi Monsters opened up to everyone for free on April 16th at

    Players adopt their own Monster and keep it happy by solving the daily puzzles that it sends them. Monster owners can interact with their pets in a wide variety of ways such as tickling, playing games, shopping, designing their rooms, and dressing up (coming soon). One of the core elements of Moshi Monsters is the emotional bond created between the user and their Monster which is achieved through sophisticated flash animations and a complex behavioural engine. Over time the Monsters develop their own unique personalities depending on how well, or badly, they’ve been treated.

    There are many ways players can connect and communicate with others such as the Friends tree, visiting other Monster’s rooms, and leaving customised Pinboard messages. During development child safety online has been kept at the forefront of the Moshi experience.

    The more attention a Monster gets from its owner and their friends, the higher its Monstar status rises. All Monsters start as Z-Listers and can rise through the ranks to become A-List Monstars.

    Moshi Monsters is played in the browser and requires no download. The game is free to play, although a subscription feature for premium elements will launch in the future, as well a range of offline products.

    Michael Acton Smith, CEO of Mind Candy said, “Playing games and chatting to friends are two of the most popular activities for children online. Moshi Monsters provides these experiences in a safe environment while also helping children learn through the puzzle games and educational elements”


    Notes to editors: launched in full to the public on the 16th of April 2008.

    For more information please contact Lisa-Jane Munns on 020 7501 1925 or

    Alternatively, you can visit her monster here:

    Mind Candy was founded by Michael Acton Smith, internet entrepreneur and co-founder of gadget website Mind Candy is an interactive entertainment company that specialises in the development of social multi-player online gaming.

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