Sunday Seven (or Friday Five, two days late): by the numbers

Life beyond the blog went crazy last week, so I didn’t make a Friday Five. Today, I make up for it with a Sunday Seven. Think of it as a Friday Five with two bonus tracks.

Today’s list is all about numbers.

  1. This first one’s for the guys: Esquire lists the 75 skills every man should master (hat tip: Jordon Cooper).

    13. Throw a punch. Close enough, but not too close. Swing with your shoulders, not your arm. Long punches rarely land squarely. So forget the roundhouse. You don’t have a haymaker. Follow through; don’t pop and pull back. The length you give the punch should come in the form of extension after the point of contact. Just remember, the bones in your hand are small and easy to break. You’re better off striking hard with the heel of your palm. Or you could buy the guy a beer and talk it out.

  2. The 25 most rockin’ guitar riffs. All the greats are there, plus some not-so-greats. (Yeah, “Born to Run” is a great song, but the guitar riff is only so-so. And it shouldn’t rank higher [No. 8] than “Johnny B. Goode” [No. 19]).
  3. 5 grassroots organizations worth a look.
  4. For Gmail users: 13 experimental new features — a review from Lifehacker, originally posted June 5 as a sneak preview. Google unveiled the features on the 6th. I still haven’t tinkered with them.
  5. 15 great gadgets you can’t get in the United States.
  6. One egg, 100 baskets: social media leverage. Andy Beal turns the “all your eggs in one basket” axiom on its ear.
  7. The 5 essential elements of social media marketing.

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