The New York Times’ ‘Choice’ cut

The New York Times is shutting down its college admissions blog, The Choice
The New York Times is shutting down its college admissions blog, The Choice

On Friday, I learned via Twitter — specifically from Charlie Melichar (@melicharlie) — that the New York Times was discontinuing its admissions blog, “The Choice,” after a four-year run. I guess it was time for the blog to graduate.

I first discovered the choice back in 2010 — the blog’s sophomore year, I guess — and at the time I likened it to “a reality show for blogosphere wonks.”

While there is a little bit of a Real World feel to the six students’ posts, it does provide a look into how high school students (and their families) deal with rejection — a lesson better learned sooner than later. Some, like Anne Paik of L.A., puts on a brave front (“I will not let myself dissolve into a miserable puddle of self-pity,” she writes) but admits that “Underneath this cheerful bravado of sunshine and happy-go-lucky attitude, I’m really hurt and disappointed.”

Beyond my initial curiosity about the project, I never followed the blog religiously. Then again, I’m also not a fan of angst-ridden reality TV. (Unless you consider “Duck Dynasty” to be angst-ridden.)

But some of my higher ed counterparts apparently found value in “The Choice.” On Twitter, admissions counselor Chip Timmons (@chipster) called the blog a “Good source of content for admissions folks.” And judging from the comments the Times‘ announcement provoked (42 at the time of this posting), many readers are upset.

Anyway, good luck to the students who made the choice to share their thoughts about the college admissions process on this blog over the past four years. And good luck to the former readers of “The Choice” who now must look elsewhere for guidance.

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