Friday Five: Predictions for the new year

Will email marketing make a comeback in 2017? That's one prediction from the Content Marketing Institute's founder. Read more below.
Will email marketing make a comeback in 2017? That’s one prediction from the Content Marketing Institute’s founder. Read more below.

Curious as to what’s in store for marketing in the new year? Here are five articles or blog posts making big, bold predictions for 2017.

Neuromarketing takes off. Big brands are poised to incorporate more neuroscience into their market research in 2017, according to Ad Age. Topping the list of neuroscience techniques: eye-tracking. The approach “will gain ground with marketers as a dominant precursor to vet campaigns because it’s fractions cheaper (by hundreds to thousands of dollars).”

A social media backlash? That’s one of five content marketing trends to watch in 2017, according to Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute. “More and more social media influencers, as well as brands leveraging social media, are frustrated with YouTube, Facebook, and more, and their ongoing algorithm changes,” Pulizzi writes. Another trend to watch: The email renaissance. “With social media channels moving toward revenue growth, brands have almost no control over communicating with fans and followers. Of all the ways to grow an audience, email has emerged as THE most critical.” Adjust your spam filters. Hat tip to Jessica Krywosa (@jesskry) for sharing this via Twitter.

Measure for measure. Is 2017 the year digital marketers finally get a handle on measurement? That’s one of the 10 ways digital marketing will evolve in 2017, according to Marketing Dive‘s Chantal Tode. She quotes Forrester Research analyst Brigitte Majewski, who says: “Measurement and data are the only way for marketers to get control of a situation they have completely lost control of. They have to understand what part of the mix is truly working and that takes measurement.”

Top 10 digital marketing and branding trends. An infographic that says it all.

The virtual experience economy. This year’s model of Trendwatching‘s annual list of consumer trends predicts a new dimension for the “experience economy” and that is the virtual experience economy. It a shift, Trendwatching says, “from an internet in which information is the basic unit of currency, to one in which experiences are.” Moreover, those digital experiences will quickly come to carry a status-weight equal to ‘real’ experiences, if not become more sought-after and prized. And yes, we know that’s a bold statement given most executives still consider digital experiences as more diverting than truly status-worthy.”

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