Friday Five: Good reads about #branding

Happy New Fiscal Year, folks! And Happy Canada Day to our friends to the north. Beyond my summer reading, which has little direct connection with the work I do, I’ve been trying to soak in some new insights about branding by reading articles on the subject. Here are a few — well, five — recent reads that I found insightful. Maybe you will, too. Continue reading “Friday Five: Good reads about #branding”

Richard Edelman and the ‘revolution in the marketer’s mindset’

Richard Edelman, one of the most prominent public relations leaders around these days, delivered a speech the other day that outlines a fundamental shift in the way PR and marketing could work together. The ideas he expressed in his talk could also have profound implications for the way marketing and communications work in higher education. Continue reading “Richard Edelman and the ‘revolution in the marketer’s mindset’”

Friday Five: Super Bowl pre-game edition

super-bowl-2016-1920-800x450As everybody knows, this Sunday is Super Bowl 50. It’s being touted as “the biggest Super Bowl the NFL has ever celebrated,” so it is a bigger deal than most of these events. It’s also the first Super Bowl in my memory that uses Arabic rather than Roman numerals, so that will make it more memorable for me because I will know with complete confidence exactly which Super Bowl it is. Continue reading “Friday Five: Super Bowl pre-game edition”

Content: The movie

Since content is the star of everybody’s marketing strategy these days, it only makes sense that it would be the star of its own movie, right?

The Story of Content: The Rise of the New Marketing is a 44-minute documentary produced by the Content Marketing Institute to explain the evolution of marketing from the days of one-way mass communication — a la Mad Men and before — to where we are today, the era of content marketing. Continue reading “Content: The movie”