Upcoming #casesmc Twitter chat: Cross-cultural communications

If you read CASE Currents with any regularity, you may have noticed the note from CASE President Sue Cunningham in the latest issue in which she discusses the importance of cross-cultural communication. At the end of her note, she invites us to join her for an upcoming Twitter chat on that topic. Well, the time for that chat has arrived. Continue reading “Upcoming #casesmc Twitter chat: Cross-cultural communications”

Writing about research: The story’s the thing

howresearche-800x533Even those of us who spend our days trying to promote the research and scholarly work of our faculty and students sometimes forget that communicating research is about more than regurgitating data and numbers. It’s about telling the story of research in a way that captures and holds the attention of our audiences. Continue reading “Writing about research: The story’s the thing”

The #PR proliferation problem

America now has nearly five PR flacks for every journalist (image via Muck Rack Daily)
America now has nearly five PR flacks for every journalist (image via Muck Rack Daily)

If you work on the media relations side of higher ed communications, you may have noticed that it’s becoming more and more of a challenge to get a journalist’s attention. A recent Muck Rack Daily article may help explain why. Continue reading “The #PR proliferation problem”

We’re looking for an internal communications expert

Our marketing and communications team at Missouri S&T is searching for an internal communications expert to join our team. This is a new position — the first one we’ve ever had that focused solely on internal communications. We’re looking for a clear thinker who can communicate crisply, think strategically, and work well with a broad array of managers and leaders in a complex organizational setting. Continue reading “We’re looking for an internal communications expert”

Friday Five: The state of #highered marketing

{30ce7300-01ea-4921-ad65-925927d08273}_CMO_LandingPage_header_v2_(2)On Thursday I received an email from The Chronicle of Higher Education inviting me to download a report about the state of marketing in higher education. An early version of the report — titled “Higher Ed Marketing Comes of Age: Data and Insights from College Marketing Leaders” — was shared last November during the American Marketing Association‘s Symposium on Higher Education. I was anxious to delve into the findings then, as Jason Simon of SimpsonScarborough, which partnered with the Chronicle to conduct the research, gave participants of a salon for chief marketing officers (CMOs) a sneak preview. Many of us in the room had taken part in the survey as well.

Continue reading “Friday Five: The state of #highered marketing”