Friday Five: Thanks, Obama

Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States. (Photo via
Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States. (Photo via

This blog was born in 2005, during the tumultuous first year of George W. Bush’s second term as president, but it grew up during the Barack Obama presidency. Obama made his way into several posts here over the past eight years — no surprise, given the constitutional law professor’s interest in higher education policy. As Inside Higher Ed’s Doug Lederman and Paul Fain wrote on Thursday, “[N]o president in history has, with his rhetoric, so clearly embraced the idea that postsecondary education is a must for individuals and essential for the country’s economic and societal well-being” or “pushed as hard to improve its efficacy, from the belief that something so valuable should deliver on its promises.” Continue reading “Friday Five: Thanks, Obama”

Friday Five: Predictions for the new year

Will email marketing make a comeback in 2017? That's one prediction from the Content Marketing Institute's founder. Read more below.
Will email marketing make a comeback in 2017? That’s one prediction from the Content Marketing Institute’s founder. Read more below.

Curious as to what’s in store for marketing in the new year? Here are five articles or blog posts making big, bold predictions for 2017. Continue reading “Friday Five: Predictions for the new year”

Friday Five: #AMAHigherEd preview

ama-connected-2016The American Marketing Association holds its annual Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education next week. I’m looking forward to being a part of a panel discussion on building a research-based brand strategy with Brad Bohlander of North Carolina State University, Stephanie Judge-Cripe of Butler University and Jason Simon of SimpsonScarborough. I’m also looking forward to learning a lot from colleagues and experts in the field. Continue reading “Friday Five: #AMAHigherEd preview”

Friday Five: Thanksgiving leftovers edition

leftoversHappy Black Friday, folks. Our fridge is now stuffed with leftover turkey and side dishes, and we’ll be warming up those leftovers for meals and snacks throughout the holiday weekend and into Monday’s lunchboxes. Turkey salad, anyone? Continue reading “Friday Five: Thanksgiving leftovers edition”