Can #highered move from hierarchical to networked?

JUN15_08_545754619_bFor many months now, I’ve been thinking a lot about the forces discussed in this great Harvard Business Review article about the need for organizations to shift from hierarchical to networked structures. And I’ve been wondering whether higher education, bound as it has been for centuries in a hierarchical structure, can make the shift to a networked one. Continue reading

#ThrowbackThursday: Favorite #highered #marketing posts of 2015

thumb-422147_960_720I cranked out a fair amount of bloggage in 2015. Much of it was forgettable, but these five are among my favorites for the year.

Based on what the analytics tell me, you readers liked some of them, too. So I hope you enjoy revisiting them as we close the book on 2015.

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The year in relevant reading

pile-o-books2015 wasn’t a great reading year for me. I may have started a dozen books, and finished perhaps eight or nine of them. Not much to brag about there.

When you consider books relevant to this blog, the pickings for 2015 were pretty slim. That made it easy to narrow down to my top three books relevant to higher ed and/or marketing that were published in 2015. If you didn’t read them this year, you might want to consider reading them in 2016. Here they are: Continue reading

Friday Five: Obligatory year-in-review edition

day-planner-828611_960_720Once again we find ourselves nearing the end of another calendar year. And as certain as the sounds of Christmas classics in shopping malls, so too come the multitudes of articles and blog posts offering year-in-review perspectives and retrospectives. As a blogger, I feel an obligation to join this herd. As a blogger in the niche of higher ed marketing, I feel an obligation to focus on that topic. So here are five big things that happened in higher education in 2015 and my thoughts on what they might mean for academia in the coming year: Continue reading

#AMAHigherEd 2015: Inclusion at the forefront

Former NPR host Michelle Norris's keynote speech about her Race Card Project was a highlight of #AMAHighered. (Photo via AMA.)

Former NPR host Michelle Norris’s keynote speech about her Race Card Project was a highlight of #AMAHighered. (Photo via AMA.)

It’s been a long time since I’ve attended a conference without having any conference-related responsibilities. Usually I’m there because I’m presenting, hosting a roundtable or two or assisting with planning. But not this year. I could attend the American Marketing Association’s 2015 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education (better known these past few days as #AMAHigherEd) without having to worry about any responsibilities other than to learn.

So that’s what I did. I attended as many sessions as I could — right up to today’s closing keynote with University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono, which begins in a few hours. Unfortunately, I had to head to the airport earlier than planned in hopes of catching my flight on time. Continue reading

Free-range content on the move

During Greek Week on our campus this fall, our social media coordinator was on his way to cover another event when he saw some fraternity members dressed up in dinosaur costumes. Not an everyday occurrence, so he stopped to shoot some iPhone footage of the goings-on, then posted a 15-second clip of the frolicking frat boys in tyrannosaurus rex costumes on our Facebook page.

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