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Accidentally, unintentionally offline

February 16, 2015


Right about the time that I was reading Paul Jarvis’s excellent piece for TheNextWeb on the virtues of a social media sabbatical, and contemplating taking one of those myself, I had a sabbatical of sorts foisted upon me after I fractured my right elbow during a basketball game on Super Bowl Sunday. It wasn’t a social […]

Embracing the C-word in higher education

July 25, 2014


Back in the heyday of the hippie era, counterculture comedian George Carlin created a stir with his anti-establishment monologue about the seven dirty words that weren’t allowed on television. (Four decades later, as The Atlantic pointed out in 2012, society is still struggling with the role of government on restricting language.) More recently, Brian Wm. Niles, founder […]

Friday Five: @JimLukaszewski’s personal action plan from #PRSAMDC

June 20, 2014


I’m very glad I was able to attend a portion of the Public Relations Society of America’s 2014 PRSA Midwest District Conference in Springfield, Missouri, on Thursday. I’m especially happy that I was able to hear kickoff keynote speaker Jim Lukaszewski’s terrific presentation on gaining influence. Jim is head of the Lucaszewski group and a big name in the PR and crisis […]

Friday Five: Good reads for #highered

June 13, 2014


Some recent-ish posts from the higher ed blogging community that I’ve enjoyed reading and thought were worth sharing: Pay more attention to the attention price you pay. This post by Karine Joly hits home on several levels and is well worth reading by anyone who is struggling with cognitive overload. Why are we still writing […]

Disconnecting … and reconnecting

November 27, 2013


As I plan to overindulge in food and holiday cheer this long Thanksgiving weekend, I also plan to curtail my digital gluttony by unplugging from the online world for a bit. I hope this plan helps to slow things down and bring a bit more focus to my life and my thinking. This idea came […]

I was going to blog about being too busy to blog

September 11, 2013


But then I read this post from Harvard Business Review. I hope you aren’t too busy to read it. But just in case you are, here’s a taste: To assume that being “busy” (at this point it has totally lost its meaning) is cool, or brag-worthy, or tweetable, is ridiculous. By lobbing these brags, endlessly puffing […]

Labor Day thoughts: Relax, and enjoy your work

September 2, 2013


Combing through my zillions of Twitter favorites this Labor Day morning, I ran across these two gems from last February. Both posts seemed to be appropriate reads for this day set aside to honor and recognize the achievements of the American worker, so I thought I’d share them. If you’re off the grid for this […]


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