Does your marketing stand out?

How does your institution stand out among the higher ed herd?

One of my first aha! moments as a brand manager came years ago, by way of a book by Seth Godin called Purple Cow. That little book — still Godin’s best, in my opinion — hammered home a basic but essential theme for marketers: To be successful, businesses and their brands need to stand out among the competition.

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Battling brand fatigue in #highered

“Let Go to Let It Grow” is the title of Tony Proudfoot’s CASE Currents article. (Photo via @tonyproudfoot.)

If you’re involved in any aspect of marketing, branding or communication at a college or university, and you are a member of CASE and receive CASE’s Currents magazine, then you owe it to yourself to read a great article about branding by Tony Proudfoot (@tonyproudfoot on Twitter) in the January-February issue of Currents.  Continue reading “Battling brand fatigue in #highered”