Help wanted: strategic communications opening at Missouri S&T

From time to time I use this space as a forum to talk about job opportunities at the university where I work, Missouri S&T. This is one of those times. If you’re a communicator who is interested in a new challenge, or you know someone who is, then please read on. Continue reading “Help wanted: strategic communications opening at Missouri S&T”


Writing about research: The story’s the thing

howresearche-800x533Even those of us who spend our days trying to promote the research and scholarly work of our faculty and students sometimes forget that communicating research is about more than regurgitating data and numbers. It’s about telling the story of research in a way that captures and holds the attention of our audiences. Continue reading “Writing about research: The story’s the thing”

The Internet is just the internet now

The Associated Press announced the change from Internet to internet in an April 2 tweet.
The Associated Press announced the change from Internet to internet in an April 2 tweet.

Today is a day of reckoning for all of us who write about the Internet. Because as of today, many publications and news outlets are bringing the Internet down a notch by replacing its capital “I” with a lowercase one.

Say goodbye to the Internet as we’ve known it. Welcome to the internet. Continue reading “The Internet is just the internet now”

Richard Edelman and the ‘revolution in the marketer’s mindset’

Richard Edelman, one of the most prominent public relations leaders around these days, delivered a speech the other day that outlines a fundamental shift in the way PR and marketing could work together. The ideas he expressed in his talk could also have profound implications for the way marketing and communications work in higher education. Continue reading “Richard Edelman and the ‘revolution in the marketer’s mindset’”

Free-range content on the move

During Greek Week on our campus this fall, our social media coordinator was on his way to cover another event when he saw some fraternity members dressed up in dinosaur costumes. Not an everyday occurrence, so he stopped to shoot some iPhone footage of the goings-on, then posted a 15-second clip of the frolicking frat boys in tyrannosaurus rex costumes on our Facebook page.

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A refreshing take on the work we do

Steve Virtue (@SteveVirtue) — who once upon a time worked in our world of higher education marketing — recently pointed me to a nicely done article about the PR business in higher ed. It’s a brief op-ed by Léo Charbonneau, the deputy editor of University Affairs, titled Spare a thought for university communications offices.

It’s a refreshing look at the work we do in higher ed marketing and PR, and I’m glad that Mr. Charbonneau took the time to spare some words about us. He points out how the PR problems we face can be “silly or just irksome” — and shares some examples of both. He points out that the job is becoming more complex, thanks to social media and myriad stakeholders, and how it can be a frustrating job due to “competing interests and the diffuse structure of [a university’s] governance.” But his conclusion — that all in all, higher ed PR is a pretty good gig — rings true to me.

Charbonneau’s thoughts focus mainly on the public relations side of our business — probably because, as a journalist, he’s dealing with our institutions’ media relations officers more than marketing managers or graphic designers. Still, I suspect that some of his key points hit home with other disciplines that find themselves as part of the higher ed marketing/communications enterprise amalgam — photographers, writers and editors, graphic designers, user interface designers, videographers, and so on.

His conclusion certainly hits home with me.

In my experience, there have been some very good, and some very bad, university communications departments. At one university that shall remain nameless, the constantly revolving staff was legendary and their default attitude towards the media was always suspicious. At others, there are familiar names who have been there for many years unfailingly doing their best to attend to the media’s requests.

Earlier this week, I began my 25th year in this business, all at the same university. And while some days on the job make me crazier than others, I still love this gig and hope I will for years to come.