Facebook fading, but what will be next?

hatebook.gifYes, professor, we know that Facebook is passe (via Wired Campus). Missouri S&T students were telling me that the minute Zuckerberg opened it up to the barbarians at the gates and started slingin’ all those apps at them.

But as the hordes leave Facebook, the question is:

What will take its place?

Will 2008 be the year of Twitter? Could the twits usher in an era of world peace via microblogging? (Yes, Judy, I know you’re not buying any of it.)

Or maybe it’s time for the backlash — the revenge of the anti-social network. Anyone signed up for Hatebook yet?

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With Bhutto assassination, Twitter comes of age

With the recent assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Twitter has gained some credibility as a useful medium, says ZDNet. Dennis Howlett commented on Dec. 27, the day of Bhutto’s assassination, that “If anyone needed convincing of Twitter’s business utility, today is that day.”

Microblogging a la Twitter could be a credible way to share breaking news and information quickly, globally and telegraphically.

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The Guardian’s pick for hot websites in 2008

From The Guardian’s tech correspondent Bobbie Johnson: Facebook is so last year – welcome to the hit websites of 2008. Twitter makes the cut, as does Seesmic. But the one that I find most fascinating is Moshi Monsters, a social networking site for kids that allows the little monsters to adopt little monsters of their own.

As Johnson explains, quoting Mike Butcher, the editor of startup news website Techcrunch UK, “Moshi Monsters is ‘Tamagotchi meets Facebook for 7-12 year olds, but with education thrown in.’ … Players ‘adopt’ a monster by buying a small charm which gives them an access code to the website. They then pick their monster, and look after them by solving regular puzzles.”


The monsters kind of look like something straight out of the mind of Maurice Sendak. Maybe that’s why I want to adopt one.

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Creating a Missouri S&T outpost on Twitter

As part of the University of Missouri-Rolla’s fast-approaching name change to Missouri University of Science and Technology, we’ve been trying to get the new name out into the social mediasphere. We’ve done this in a couple of ways:

We’ve created a Missouri S&T outpost on Twitter just to see if any alumni or students who use Twitter will join us. We plan to offer news updates from time to time on Twitter, if there is a demand for the service.

Also, we’ve created a Missouri S&T photo-sharing site on Flickr. There, people may view and download images from campus. That isn’t anything new, as several colleges and universities do the same thing.

After Jan. 1, we’ll probably be doing more with social media. Any ideas? I’d love to hear from you. Just don’t ask me to create an island in Second Life.

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Tweeterboard analyzes Twitter conversations

Discovered via a Steve Rubel Tweet: Tweeterboard, an analytics tool for Twitter users.

Tweeterboard is a way of looking at who is influential on Twitter based on their conversations with other Twitter users. There are other services, like Twitterposter, that base influence on how many followers you have. Tweeterboard looks at who talks to you.

Tweeterboard also captures links posted to Twitter to generate a list of the most popular links.

Twitter users have to sign up by becoming a Tweeterboard follower.

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Monday morning marketing musings

Some interesting links from my weekend web-reading:

Use the ALT tag to improve your email delivery.

10 questions to ask before starting a social media marketing campaign.

Another list of social-media-themed books, inspired by yet another list. (The former comes via email from PR Conversations‘ Judy Gombita, who contributed to our own user-generated booklist from earlier this month.)

Marketing wisdom from Dilbert, via Brand Autopsy.

Twitter: a one-minute primer, via PR Differently.

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