Previous musical musings

Here’s a sampling of some of my music-related writings from the past:

Never Mind the Bibles: A Theology of Punk. A few years ago, I had this brilliant idea to write a book about the spirituality of punk music. I pitched it to several Christian book publishers, who pitched it right back. So I decided to create an online “book in progress” in blog format. I didn’t finish the project, but a few chapters of this brainstorm are there for your reading pleasure:

Joe Strummer: Punk Prophet, published in The Phantom Tollbooth (originally published in Relevant but the link no longer exists)

Singing on the Brain, a book review of This Is Your Brain On Music, by Daniel J. Levitin, published in the now-defunct Faster Than the World.

Book review: The Gospel According to the Beatles, by Steve Turner.

100 albums that changed my life.

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