A second (by second) look at 2016 [video]

Missouri S&T colleague Terry Barner produced a wonderful year-end video recap for our campus. It’s built on one-second clips from academic days of the calendar year, beginning in January 2016 and concluding with our December commencement ceremonies. View the video above or click here to watch.

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The best that I could do, 2016 edition

Another year of lackluster, off-and-on, occasionally inspired but often phoned-in blogging about higher ed, marketing and higher ed marketing is almost in the books. So it’s time once again to submit for your consideration this blog’s most popular posts of 2016, based on eyeballs. It seems the posts that got the most views — including every post listed below — are also the ones in which I offer little to no original content or thought, but merely comment on other articles circulating in the mediasphere. So it goes. And so here you go: Continue reading “The best that I could do, 2016 edition”

Writing about research: The story’s the thing

howresearche-800x533Even those of us who spend our days trying to promote the research and scholarly work of our faculty and students sometimes forget that communicating research is about more than regurgitating data and numbers. It’s about telling the story of research in a way that captures and holds the attention of our audiences. Continue reading “Writing about research: The story’s the thing”

A DIY holiday card for #highered

Missouri S&T’s 2016 holiday card gives recipients the opportunity to create their own S&T-themed card.

Here at Missouri S&T (@MissouriSandT), we pride ourselves in the abundance of makers and tinkerers in our midst. Whether they’re studying business or biochemical engineering, our students are resourceful and inventive. So it only made sense to give them (and our alumni) a tool to let them build their own S&T-themed holiday card. Continue reading “A DIY holiday card for #highered”

What you think you know about your #HigherEd website is probably wrong

Download the "Mythbusting Websites" white paper
Download the “Mythbusting Websites” white paper

We all know that today’s prospective college students are hungry for videos and paudio no attention to¬†boring old text on a website, right? Continue reading “What you think you know about your #HigherEd website is probably wrong”

Friday Five: #AMAHigherEd preview

ama-connected-2016The American Marketing Association holds its annual Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education next week. I’m looking forward to being a part of a panel discussion on¬†building a research-based brand strategy with Brad Bohlander of North Carolina State University, Stephanie Judge-Cripe of Butler University and Jason Simon of SimpsonScarborough. I’m also looking forward to learning a lot from colleagues and experts in the field. Continue reading “Friday Five: #AMAHigherEd preview”