Students say the darnedest things (on email)

The Chronicle’s Wired Campus blog shares some pretty funny, and obnoxious, email complaints professors receive from their students. “The messages reveal much about how deep a role technology plays in today‚Äôs relationships between professors and students.” They reveal much more than that.

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Monday morning marketing musings

Some interesting links from my weekend web-reading:

Use the ALT tag to improve your email delivery.

10 questions to ask before starting a social media marketing campaign.

Another list of social-media-themed books, inspired by yet another list. (The former comes via email from PR Conversations‘ Judy Gombita, who contributed to our own user-generated booklist from earlier this month.)

Marketing wisdom from Dilbert, via Brand Autopsy.

Twitter: a one-minute primer, via PR Differently.

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What’s your Gmail story?

Google is harnessing the popularity of its free email program, Gmail, with the power of storytelling and user-generated content for a viral video campaign: What’s your Gmail story?

I found out about the campaign via this link that showed up when I logged on to Gmail this morning.


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