BlogHighEd: new higher ed blog aggregator

A couple of my favorite higher ed bloggers — Brad Ward and Matt Herzberger — have been working feverishly these past few weeks on a new aggregator of higher ed blogs. Today, they unveiled the beta version of their site,

bloghighed.gifBlogHighEd pulls feeds from higher ed blogs and presents them in a nice, clean webpage format. Currently the site is drawing from 19 feeds, with more certain to be added in the coming days. Many of my favorites are included, but some are not — yet. If you’re a higher ed blogger and are interested in joining the BlogHighEd site, go ahead and submit an application.


Creating a Missouri S&T outpost on Twitter

As part of the University of Missouri-Rolla’s fast-approaching name change to Missouri University of Science and Technology, we’ve been trying to get the new name out into the social mediasphere. We’ve done this in a couple of ways:

We’ve created a Missouri S&T outpost on Twitter just to see if any alumni or students who use Twitter will join us. We plan to offer news updates from time to time on Twitter, if there is a demand for the service.

Also, we’ve created a Missouri S&T photo-sharing site on Flickr. There, people may view and download images from campus. That isn’t anything new, as several colleges and universities do the same thing.

After Jan. 1, we’ll probably be doing more with social media. Any ideas? I’d love to hear from you. Just don’t ask me to create an island in Second Life.

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